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The one-of-a-kind character of Albuquerque is the result of many different forces, perhaps none as important as the centuries of history that have shaped the city. Starting with the Native Americans who have lived here for thousands of years, and continuing through Albuquerque's official founding in 1706, the city has grown into a multicultural metropolis of nearly a million people.


Albuquerque lies in the Chihuahuan Desert, in a broad valley that stretches about 30 miles (48 km) east-west. The valley is bounded for most of its length by the Sandia Mountains to the north, the slightly lower Manzano Mountains to the east, and the low but rugged lava escarpments to the south and west.

Population & Demographic

Albuquerque is a city located in Bernalillo County New Mexico. With a 2020 population of 563,165, it is the largest city in New Mexico and the 32nd largest city in the United States . Albuquerque is currently growing at a rate of 0.16% annually and its population has increased by 3.17% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 545,852 in 2010. Spanning over 189 miles, Albuquerque has a population density of 3,008 people per square mile.

Main Attractions

Albuquerque is mostly known for its International Balloon Fiesta, which takes place the first two weeks in October. If you happen to be here at other times of the year, there's still a wide variety of things to do. Take a ride on the world's longest Tramway to the top of Sandia Peak.

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Albuquerque is the only word in the English language that repeats the letter sequence “que” twice.


Albuquerque was the sheep-herding center of the West.


The Rio Grande River flows through Albuquerque, north to south, bisecting the city just west of “Old Town.”


The Sandia Mountains that run along the eastern edge of Albuquerque are the first mountains west of the Mississippi River. “Sandia” is Spanish for “watermelon;” the mountains often give off a reddish glow of color at sunset.


Since the local soil makes it tough to support high-rise buildings, Albuquerque’s tallest building is only 351 feet high with 22 stories.

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